A Letter from the CHOBA Board

Friday 17 July 2020

Dear Old Blues

We hope this communication finds you safe and well in these strange times and trust life is slowly beginning to return to the ‘new normal’.

The last time we wrote to you, outside of our usual CHOBA Board newsletter, was to outline our response to the historic abuse cases. Following the tragic events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent global outcry, we felt it was the right time to set out what we, as the Christ’s Hospital Old Blues’ Association (CHOBA) Board were doing around the issues of racial equality and diversity to play our part as a conduit between the Old Blue community and the School.

Sometimes the worst feedback is the best feedback as it gives you the opportunity to act upon it. In light of a recent open letter organised by a group of Old Blues and sent to the Council, we have heard that we were not felt to be approachable nor fully representative of sections of our community. Other Old Blues have not felt encouraged to approach us as a first port of call.

We take criticism like this seriously as, ultimately, and laid out in our constitution, the CHOBA Board ‘exists to represent and serve the best interests of the community of Old Blues educated at Christ’s Hospital School (“the School”). Its principal purpose is to foster good relations between Old Blues and the School’.

So, what are we doing about it?

At present, we are liaising between the group of Old Blues who have come forward on the subject of equality and diversity at Christ’s Hospital, and the Council, and the School. This will be with a view to establishing clear lines of communication and representation for BAME Old Blues to share their experience and offer their assistance in helping the School update their equality policies in an ever-changing world.

Further to this, we have established an email address where you can contact us, as representatives of all Old Blues – chobaboard@christs-hospital.org.uk. We are keen to hear from you on how you would like us to interact with the Old Blue community and welcome your suggestions.

We will write to you again in due course to keep you appraised of the above and our approach working with you, our fellow Old Blues and the School.

With our very best wishes

The CHOBA Board


Ralph Tait

ThB, ThA 86-93


Louisa Lockwood

4s, BA 81-88


Bob Judson

MaB, ColB 73-80


Daisy Swayne (Horwell)

BaA 90-97


Bridget West (Dray)

7s, ColB 84-91


Johnny Owens

MaA 91-98


Oniynye Udokporo

BaB, GrE 09-16


Chris Thomas

ThB, ThA, GrW 94-01