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Exam Success

CH Pupils are celebrating an excellent set of (I)GSCE Results - August 2018

National syllabus reforms have not shaken the resolve of Christ’s Hospital pupils and their teachers who are celebrating an excellent set of (I)GCSE results. An impressive 38% of all grades achieved were equivalent to an A*, with 67% of all grades at A-grade or above. With the new Level 9-1 grading available in six (I)GCSE subjects, an impressive 44 Level 9 grades were achieved. To put this into context 18% of all Level 9-1 grades achieved were at the top Level 9, equivalent to A**. These results represent an 8% improvement on the number of A* achieved in 2017.

Strong results were seen in Science, English and Maths with 88.5% of all grades achieved being A*-B.  In Maths 52% of all grades achieved were equivalent to an A* or higher.

In these results there are some hugely impressive individual performances including 28 pupils achieving at least 8 A*. Congratulations should go to:

Conor Stewart 12 A* (1 of which was Lv 9)

Helena Thornton 11A* (1 of which was Lv 9)

Lottie Field 11A*(1 of which was A** in FM)

Elise Farquhar 10 A* (1 of which was Lv 9)

Heilia Leung 10 A* 3A

Luke Saunders 10 A* 1A

Lucy Liu 10 A* 1A

George Sanger 9 A* 2A (3 of which were Lv 9)

Lilith Weingarten 9 A* (1 of which was Lv 9)

Olivia Berry 9 A* 1A

These results and achievements are made all the more remarkable given the new, more challenging specifications and terminal examinations after recent reforms.

Simon Reid, Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital commented, “Signs of great individual achievement aside – and there are many of them – as a GCSE cohort, our students have done very well, indeed. They and their teachers have had to manage yet more change in the arrangements for assessment at this age-group and these results speak of cross-curricular health and genuine ambition. These results are a superb platform from which to build Sixth Form experience and I look forward with poignant interest to working with the group as they move forward and up.”


A Level Results - August 2018

Excellent A Level Results for Christ's Hospital Pupils

Christ’s Hospital pupils and their teachers are celebrating another year of excellent A level results. A highly impressive 53% of all Pre-U and A Level grades achieved were equivalent to either an A* or A, with 75% A*-B. Of all the grades achieved 16% were A*s, with 33 pupils out of the cohort of 117 achieving a minimum of one A*.  The average UCAS points achieved by a pupil was 130 which equates to ABB.

There were some notable individual achievements and huge congratulations go to the following students:

Lisa Fordham who achieved A*, A*, A, D3 (Maths and Physics, Warwick)

Owen Foo with A*, A*, A, A (Engineering, Durham)

Adela-Marie Seeley A*, A*, D1 (Art Foundation, Farnham)

Freddie Underwood A*, A*, D2 (History, Oxford)

Geoffrey Rwamakuba with A*, A*, A* (Chemical Engineering, Imperial)

Charlotte Guo with A*, A*, D3 (Psychology and Language Sciences, UCL)

Finlay Osman Sellwood A*, A*, D3 (Physics, Imperial)

Jonathan Bridges with A*, A*, A (Mechanical Engineering, Bristol)

Arron Shaw A*, A*, A (Biochemistry, Oxford)

Jack Price with A*, A*, A (Economics and Politics, Bristol)

Congratulations to Luca Melville (History and Economics, Oxford), Nana Sarfo-Bonsu (Classics and English, Oxford), Bethany Tennant (Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion, Cambridge), Freddie Underwood (History, Oxford) and Arron Shaw (Biochemistry, Oxford) on achieving their offer requirements to take up their Oxbridge places.

In addition three of our former pupils have confirmed Oxbridge places, Dani Heath (English, Oxford) and IB Diploma pupils Aoife Kelly (Philosophy and Theology, Oxford) and Roberto Salvia (History and Modern Languages, Cambridge).

As a consequence of this wonderful set of results, out of the cohort of 120 pupils choosing to apply through UCAS this year, 73% were able to take up either their first choice or insurance offer. Out of those successes, 40% are going to prestigious universities including Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial College, KCL, LSE, Oxford, and UCL.

Simon Reid, Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital commented, “Once again our students, closely supported by their teachers, have produced results which are as firm a foundation for their careers as ever. These will have been produced on the back of considerable determination over a long period of time and, perhaps more notably, alongside engagement with a rich programme of opportunities centred on experience outside the classroom. My congratulations to our students and the entire Christ’s Hospital community for producing in these results such stark reminders of the value of determination and genuine curricular engagement.”

IB Results - July 2018

Early July saw the IB pupils at Christ's Hospital gain a strong set of results, with 50% of the pupils gaining 35 points or more out of maximum of 45. Out of all grades achieved 54% were Level 6 and above and 88% of all grades were Level 5 and above. Over a fifth of the cohort of 28 pupils gained 38 points or more and the average points achieved by the IB cohort was 34.5 points out of 45, or 200 UCAS points (equivalent to A*A*AB at A2-Level).

Special mention should go to Ambrose Thwaites and Fabian Webb who both achieved 40 points out of 45. Other good performances include, Julius Seßler (39 points), Ellen Hovmand (38 points), Faye Salisbury (38 points) and Megan Whitney (38 points). By way of comparison, 38 points is equivalent to 230 UCAS points or A*A*A*A* at A2-level.  

Top performers and destinations:

Fabian Webb (41) - Durham

Ambrose Thwaites (40) – Year out

Julius Seßler (39 points)

Ellen Hovmand (38 points) - Year out

Faye Saulsbury (38 points) Geography - Durham

Megan Whitney (38 points) Linguistics with Spanish - Warwick

The remaining results saw pupils securing places at some of the top universities in the country including King’s College London, Edinburgh, University College London and Royal Holloway.




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