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Exam Success

August 2017 - Amazing  A Level Results for Christ's Hospital Pupils

Christ’s Hospital pupils and their teachers are celebrating an outstanding set of A level results. A highly impressive 48% of grades were A* - A,  77%  A*-B and 15% A*.  The average UCAS points achieved by a pupil was 136 which equates to AAB.

There were some notable individual achievements and huge congratulations go to:

Isaac Hayden who achieved 5 A* (Maths at Glasgow)

Temi Adeyemi with 5 A*  (Natural Sciences at Cambridge)

Hareef Asunramu 3 A* 1 A (Medicine at Imperial)

Ben Johnstone 3 A* (Maths at Imperial) (deferred entry)

Charles Lillywhite 3 A* 1 A (Natural Sciences at Durham)

Michael Hobson 2 A* 1 A D2 Pre U (Maths at Oxford)

Remus Goldsmith 2 A* 1 A (Engineering at Bristol)

Congratulations also to Tomaz O’Donoghue and IB Diploma pupils Phoebe Thornhill and Beatrix Crinnion who have confirmed places at Oxbridge.

As a consequence of this great set of results, out of the 146 pupils who chose to apply through UCAS this year 62% achieved their first place, 85% achieving their first or second choice and a vast majority going to a Russell Group Universities. In addition, nine pupils are awaiting their international application. Congratulations to Lorna Lam and Lucas Ng who are off to study in America, and Guilietta Weber who is off to Switzerland; in addition, several others have made successful applications to universities in Germany and Hong Kong.

Temi Adeyemi, who is celebrating her place at Cambridge, said: “When you come to Christ’s Hospital, you fall in love with the place. The School has an element of grandeur about it that just makes you fall in love with it. Before coming here, I didn't really enjoy any particular subject; I just did okay at everything. At CH, I have discovered what I enjoy the most and I have made the most diverse range of friends you could ever imagine.”

Simon Reid, Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital commented: “We have a consistently good record of attainment at Christ’s Hospital and this is another excellent year, particularly as it is the first set of results following the new demanding linear A level course.  It is particularly encouraging that this talented group of pupils, who were fully involved in the broader curricular life of a busy boarding school, have performed so well in their academic subjects. It is also pleasing for me to learn that Christ’s Hospital has contributed to a national trend: a record number of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds securing places at university.”

Christ’s Hospital sixth form pupils also have the benefit of being offered three courses, the broader International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, A2 levels and the Cambridge Pre-U. The results for pupils taking the IB course were announced in July. In 2017, Christ’s Hospital pupils achieved a 100% pass rate with over a quarter of the cohort gaining 40 points or more (out of a maximum possible 45). Almost two thirds achieved 36 points or higher which is equivalent to A*A*AA at A2 level (or 208 UCAS points).

The Christ’s Hospital 2017 IB pupils have achieved a 100% pass rate with 30 points or more which is a record achievement.

IB pupils at Christ's Hospital have gained an impressive set of results this summer, with over a quarter of the cohort of 27 pupils gaining 40 points or more (out of the maximum possible 45).  On average, pupils scored 36.6 IB points. the average UCAS points achieved by pupils was 215, which is equivalent to A*A*A* A at A2 level.

Special mention should go to Phoebe Thornhill who achieved 44 points out of 45 and will be taking up her place at Oxford in the autumn to study Biological Sciences. Other stellar performances were seen from Celine Hou (42 points), Aoife Kelly (42 points), Roberto Salvia (41 points) and Indigo Douglas (also 41 points). By way of comparison, 41 points is equivalent to at least A*A*A*A* at A2-level.  Those pupils who achieved 38 points or more include:

Phoebe Thornhill (44)

Celine Hou (42)

Aoife Kelly (42)

Indigo Douglas (41)

Roberto Salvia (41)

Helen Hou (40)

Riccardo Silvestri (40)

Carolina Trinker (39)

Clemens Vogt (39)

Rafaela Alford (38)

These outstanding results will see the pupils secure places at some of the top universities in this country including Classics at King’s College London, Classics at Edinburgh, English and German Law at King’s College London, English at Warwick, Law at Birmingham, Politics, plus Philosophy and Law at King’s College London.

“I congratulate pupils and their teachers on another superb set of IB results” said the Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital, “I am delighted and extremely proud of our IB pupils they have achieved some truly outstanding results in this world class qualification. They have worked tirelessly across six separate subjects and are now well equipped for the demands of university."

GCSE Results 2017

Christ’s Hospital is absolutely delighted with the 2017 (I)GCSE exam results that reflect over 87% of all grades at A*-B. This is an improvement on last year’s impressive results (85.6%). This year, 30.4% of all the grades awarded were at A* with 63.1% at A grade or above and in the core subjects of Maths, English and the Sciences, the results were excellent. These very strong results saw 25 pupils gain 10 A grades or better and some brilliant individual performances:

Marley Bell achieved an amazing 11A*s and 1A

Luke Watts achieved an impressive 10A*s and 1A

Maria Howard achieved 9A*s and 4As

Eugene Ting achieved 9A*s and 2As

Flora Thwaites 9A*s, 1A and 1B

Helena Walsh and Edith Thompson both achieved 9A*s and 1B

Marvelous Jibogu acheived 8A*s and 3As

Lydia Thornhill, Freya O’Brien and Dara Kuteyi achieved 8A*s and 2As

In Maths, Music and Latin over 80% of grades were at A* or A and the three Sciences averaged 70% A* or A grades.

“It is an elegant reflection of our pupils’ tenacity and their teachers’ professionalism and support that many of our (I)GCSE pupils achieved these results, particularly given that many have faced adversity in their young lives” said Simon Reid, Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital. He went on to say: “I send my warmest congratulations to our Year 11 (GE) pupils, their parents and teachers. I could not be prouder of these achievements.”


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