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The Foundation

Christ’s Hospital Foundation supports the provision of a first class education and life changing opportunities for children of financial, social or other need. 


Since 1552 Christ’s Hospital has pioneered social mobility and challenged social inequality to provide an unrivalled start in life for disadvantaged children. 

As economic and social inequality continue to grow in the UK Christ’s Hospital’s mission is ever more critical. The school is unique in its impact on social mobility, with clear evidence of transformational change for young people:


Over the centuries, the generosity of our benefactors has built up a valuable Endowment. However, Christ’s Hospital’s extraordinary commitment to provide more bursary support than any other independent boarding school in the UK exceeds the annual income from its endowment assets.

Existing funds are fully occupied in supporting around 60% of the school’s running costs to educate 882 pupils and ensure they have the best preparation for life.  The ability of the Foundation to meet the financial needs of the school depends critically on significant funding to grow the endowment and increase investment returns, whilst ensuring that we protect the real-term value of our endowment for the future.

Philanthropy therefore remains central for Christ’s Hospital to leverage its historic pioneering approach and increase its impact further; providing life-changing opportunities for future generations of young people.

SUPPORT US Annual Review 2015/2016  Financial Statements 2015/2016

Governed by the ’Council of Almoners’, an experienced group of trustees, Christ’s Hospital  Foundation seeks to broaden the community of support for Christ’s Hospital to embrace and inspire Old Blues (alumni), parents, individual philanthropists, trusts and foundations, supporting education and social mobility.

We hope you will join us in support to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people through education. 


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