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“Everyone’s Invited”

“Everyone’s Invited Website”

At Christ’s Hospital, we are aware of the recent press and social media coverage of the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website, which raises awareness of sexual violence in schools, colleges and universities and shares testimonies from those affected. These make difficult reading and we are all saddened to learn of the specific experiences which so many young people around the country have endured.

‘Everyone’s Invited’ has highlighted an important issue which we are committed to addressing. We can all play a part in challenging the assumptions and misinformation that underpin such harmful behaviour.

We take very seriously Christ’s Hospital’s education of its pupils about sexual consent and everyday standards of respectful conduct, so that they understand that harassment of any kind is unacceptable. These vital issues are covered in the CH PSHE programme, which is continually reviewed to ensure that essential topics are addressed thoroughly, frankly and in an age-appropriate manner. With the introduction of our new Learning for Life programme from September 2021, additional opportunities will be created to revisit key issues which influence the safety and welfare of young people.

The recent murder of Sarah Everard has sharpened awareness of the issue of sexual harassment and sexual violence in society, specifically against women and girls, though boys and men can, of course, also be targeted. Pupils of all ages in the School have been keen to discuss their feelings and concerns with their teachers in recent weeks, and we will continue to support them, both academically and pastorally, in the coming months.

In the immediate future, and in the specific context of the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ awareness-raising campaign, the School recognises that there may be pupils, alumni or parents who have experiences that they need to share.  With this in mind, you are welcome to use our confidential email address at  We remain committed to learning from the experience of those in our community who may have been harmed and providing whatever support or advice they may need.