The Court of Governors

The Court of Governors.

The Court of Governors is an historic body composed of the President (HRH The Duke of Gloucester) and Vice President (the Lord Mayor of the City of London), 36 nominated representatives of the City of London, a maximum of ten Special Vote Governors and an unlimited number of Donation Governors who are elected to the Court in recognition of the support they have given to Christ’s Hospital. Donation Governors each have the right to identify and present for admission a candidate whose needs accord with the ethos of Christ’s Hospital.

The functions of the Court are:

1.         To support the charitable endeavours of Christ’s Hospital

2.         To nominate candidates for membership of the Council

3.         To respond to matters upon which the Council may seek the views of the Court.

The Court also elects the President of Christ’s Hospital.

About Christ’s Hospital

Christ’s Hospital Today

Christ’s Hospital is a co-educational boarding and day school of 900 pupils with an equal mix of boys and girls aged 11-18. The School is located in West Sussex in the south east of England. It is situated in stunning countryside between London and Brighton, and is fortunate in having its own mainline railway station with regular trains to London, Gatwick Airport and the South Coast.

Christ’s Hospital is unique for a UK independent boarding school in that it offers more bursary places than other schools. This stems from the School’s founding charter as a charitable school. School fees are paid on a means tested basis, with substantial subsidies paid by the School, so that pupils from all corners of society are able to have a high quality, independent boarding school education that would otherwise be beyond their means.