About CH

Our Mission

Our mission has been to pioneer social mobility and challenged social inequality to provide an unrivalled start in life for disadvantaged children for nearly five centuries. As economic and social inequality continue to grow in the UK, Christ’s Hospital’s mission is ever more relevant.

By providing first class, free or supported education to talented young people from disadvantaged and modest backgrounds, our mission helps Christ’s Hospital pupils to reach their full potential and transforms lives in a way that no other educational establishment in the UK can match.


It is and shall be our mission to:

  • To offer to boys and girls of suitable age an education of such breadth and excellence as will fit them pre-eminently for work and service in society in their generation; and in particular to enable them to compete competently with their peers for opportunities in further education and careers.  In doing so;
  • to develop first the skills, learning habits, independence of mind and spiritual awareness that will enable and motivate them to continue to educate themselves throughout their lives; and second, a high sense of responsibility towards themselves, their families, their associates and to society at large, such as to form a permanent foundation of their training and character;
  • in the choice of pupils, to have regard especially to children of families in social, financial or other specific need;
  • to provide our pupils with opportunities to explore, reflect upon, and grow in their understanding of, the Christian faith; and
  • to maintain and further the close connection with the City of London so successfully nurtured since 1552.


The principal object of the charity is the advancement of education of children, principally for the benefit of those whose families are in social, financial or other specific need.

The assets and endowments of Christ’s Hospital are managed to ensure that this prime purpose is maintained for the benefit of both present and future generations.

Christ’s Hospital is privileged to enjoy the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen.


The generosity of our benefactors has built up a valuable Endowment over the centuries. However, Christ’s Hospital’s commitment to provide more bursary support than any other independent boarding school in the country exceeds the annual income from its endowment assets. Philanthropy therefore remains central for Christ’s Hospital to continue to transform lives for future generations.

We hope you will join us.