An update on the current reconciliation process

Wednesday 07 September 2022

An update from Old Blues, Christopher Grady & Robert Totterdell, on the current reconciliation process

Following the appointment of Lia Shimada as an independent expert mediator and the conclusion of a listening exercise with Old Blues to explore how the “past could be acknowledged and remembered”, a small group of Old Blues have been meeting with representatives of the current School leadership, supported by Lia, since January 2022.

Meetings of this group resulted in a gathering for victims of criminal abuse, which took place in London in June (without any CH presence), offering a safe space where people could meet and share thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Any Old Blues who feel they may not be known to Lia and would like to receive an invitation to a second gathering in London in November, which will be for anyone who has suffered criminal abuse whilst at CH Horsham or Hertford (again with no CH representatives present), can email Lia at All contact with Lia is strictly confidential.