An update on the current reconciliation process

Monday 13 March 2023

An update from Old Blues, Christopher Grady & Robert Totterdell, on the current reconciliation process

Update on 3rd Gathering / 13th May

Invitations to the 3rd Gathering for victims of criminal abuse at Horsham or Hertford are going out to those who have attended previously and those who have expressed interest in attending. The event will be hosted by Lia Shimada (the independent mediator) on Sat 13th May in central London. No CH personnel will be present. If you would like more information, please email Lia at

Update on Support Service

Now that the Acknowledgement Statement has been issued, a small group of victims/Old Blues have begun the process (facilitated by Lia Shimada, the independent mediator) of shaping the Support Service. Through the service, we anticipate that people in the CH community will be able to access signposting and information, as well as a network of volunteers who can offer support and accompaniment. The Support Service will be independent of CH. We thank you for your patience, as we develop this. When it is operational, we will provide more information here. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Lia on