‘At Home’ Photography Competitions 2020

‘At Home’ Photography Competitions 2020

The Art School is initiating a series of photography competitions over the coming weeks whilst everyone is at home. The competitions are open to all students, there will be guest judges as well as prizes for all the winners.

5 June 2020, the theme for the third ‘At Home’ CH Photography Competition, was ‘Secret Selfie’:

The judge of the ‘Secret Selfie’ competition was the Artist-in-Residence, Mr Bellamy.

Junior Winner: Charlotte (LE). This might be a seemingly simple photograph of someone taking a photograph of themselves in a mirror but reducing down the facial information has made it a disconcertingly minimal image which has a slightly menacing effect.

Intermediate: Reuben (UF). It took me a while to find Reuben’s face as there are lots of faces in this photograph. It also took me a second look to spot the phone too. I like that the phone is included and that Reuben is staring directly at the viewer amidst a striking colour palette.

Senior: Caitlin (Gr). This is a brilliantly composed photograph with a sneaky feel, being out in the public domain seems like a rare occurrence at the moment. It reads as a glimpse or slither of the disorientating times we are living in.

Best in Show: Tai’bat (3rd Form). I was really impressed by the quality of the image, the composition and the thought behind the narrative. It is telling a story which I can only guess at, but the image is strong enough that I can build a story of my own as it guides my imagination.


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On Friday 15 May 2020, Head of Physics, Mr Mason, judged the photos submitted this week and he commended the high quality and imagination of the photographs and how it made his job so difficult. His winners were:

– The theme is: ‘Light: Reflected, Refracted, Removed’

Junior: Petra (LE).

LE Petra

I have no idea how she managed to achieve the positioning of the shadow so perfectly but it is not only cleverly done, it is also witty and that drew me in. This was one of those stills which also feels dynamic.

Intermediate: Jacinta (GE). The starkness of this really appealed to me. It felt like it could have been an album cover for a French underground jazz group. This was another example of a photograph that looked simple at first but gave up more detail as you looked longer at it.

GE Jacinta

Seniors: Hong (DG). Hong’s photo had real movement to it for me and the variety of angles of surface brought out subtle differences in the reflections. I also really liked the structural aspect to it.

DG Hong

Best in Show: Ellen  (GE). This was a cleverly composed piece that really made use of, not only light and shade, but also the way in which reflection can be more than just another image. The shower hose running across the shot gave it a structure that finished things off beautifully for me.

GE Ellen

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 The first theme was: ‘Recreate a Famous Work of Art’. The students were asked to choose a famous work of art and recreate it however they could, using family members and props they could find to depict their chosen artwork.