Thursday 16th Feb 2023

Back to the Bones with Manders


Organ Watch


The team and Manders Organ Restoration have been hard at work and using their skill to carefully deconstruct the organ piece by piece. Manders established in 1936 are a small team of highly skilled technical experts in their field.

Their staff include skilled craftsmen in cabinet making, organ case design, mechanical, pneumatic and electric organ action, leatherwork, tuning and voicing, as well as project management skills. They run an organ apprentice scheme, ensuring the skills are passed onto the next generation, so the the organ heritage can continue to be supported and maintained well into the future.

The work has been on going for a number of weeks now in the Chapel, the largest pipes will be cleaned in situ and all of the smaller pipes and other organ parts have been carefully dismantled, packaged and taken to the fully equipped Manders Organ Workshop (pictured below) for a full and thorough cleaning and repair before the team return it all and skilfully reassemble it.  Find out more here:


Manders Workshop