Monday 26th Apr 2021

Boarding House Fundraising




There has been a lot of fundraising activity in our boarding houses recently and we are very proud of our pupils’ efforts to raise money for such worthy causes! Read on for details of three separate fundraisers:

Every girl in Leigh Hunt B is running to Crawley Open House and back over a six-week period (10 miles each) to raise money for the charity. ‘Crawley Open House has been our house charity for a few years; they provide support and shelter for vulnerable, homeless and socially isolated people every single day of the year. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to give physical donations such as toiletries or sanitary products, so instead, we’d like to raise money to donate to the charity. We would really appreciate it if you could help us by donating to: Thank you!’ Alex (DG/Year 12)

Pupils from Leigh Hunt A will be running 15 miles, which is the distance from Christ’s Hospital to Chestnut Tree House, over a six- week period. ‘Leigh Hunt A has sponsored Chestnut Tree House for a few years, but due to the pandemic, our usual mode of fundraising has had to be adapted. Chestnut Tree House is a fantastic children’s hospice. We would greatly appreciate if you could donate through the link below’ Keighley (DG/Year 12)

Peele block is running a charity fundraiser, with pupils setting each other different challenges in an effort to gain donations for Syria Relief, a charity that’s been impacted heavily by COVID-19. One of the coordinators of the event, Tommy (DG/Year 12), is pictured doing his specific challenge, which he has now completed – cycling 100 miles!

If you would like to support Peele’s fundraising efforts, please go to: