Thursday 14th Mar 2024

Celebrating Mathematics with Bobby Seagull




Mathematician extraordinaire, Bobby Seagull, paid a visit to our school on 6 March to give an inspiring talk to the whole school. The event not only marked the 350th anniversary of the Royal Mathematical School but also represented a reaffirmation of our commitment to nurturing and inspiring mathematical excellence.

Bobby Seagull rose to fame as a member of the University of Cambridge’s University Challenge team in 2017, captivating audiences with his enthusiasm for mathematics. He has since become a prominent figure in the field, inspiring students across the country.

Bobby Seagull’s talk was a memorable and enriching experience for our students, as his infectious passion for mathematics filled the theatre. From discussing maths anxiety and maths in daily life to sharing captivating stories from his career, Bobby’s presentation was both educational and entertaining. Beyond the intricacies of mathematics, Bobby emphasized the importance of having the right mindset and being enthusiastic, which is what he attributes his own success to. One of the highlights of the talk was Bobby’s rap about maths, which gained an uproarious response, especially from junior students!

‘He was incredibly engaging, and surprisingly managed to keep the whole audience hooked with maths’ commented Jack (GR/Year 13) after the talk. ‘The way he presented his story was very inspiring, and I’m sure many mathematicians in the audience felt a wave of motivation. It was great to have him, and I think he should definitely pursue a career in rap after his performance at the end of the talk!’

We hope that Bobby’s words and his enthusiasm for mathematics will continue to resonate with our students, empowering them to explore mathematics and other intellectual pursuits with a renewed zeal. It is through such remarkable individuals that we can create a culture of curiosity, excellence, and lifelong learning.