Wednesday 5th Jun 2024

CH Student Performs at Hay Festival




On 30 May, Israel (UF/Year 10) performed his own poem at the Hay Festival in Haye-on-Wye in Wales, an annual literature festival. His poem was published in Barnardo’s ‘10,000 Voices’, an anthology of poems by young people celebrating heritage.

Israel competed against other writers in the Literary Death Match, described as a feel-good, edge-of-your-seat read-off, critiqued by celebrity judges. His energetic and humorous performance won him huge praise and appreciation from his audience, and he was awarded second place! This is even more impressive considering that he competed against adults and was the youngest to perform in the entire festival! Mrs Edwards, who accompanied Israel to the festival, said he was ‘incredible’ and Dean Walker-McKenzie, National Programme Manager for Barnardo’s, thanked him for being ‘cool, funny and sensational’! Photo credit: Sam Hardwick and Hay Festival Israel’s poem is below: