careers advice resource now available to all 6th form pupils

Friday 13 November 2020

We are delighted to announce that from December we will be introducing some of our Deputy Grecian (year 12) pupils onto the site to allow them to access the wealth of expertise from Old Blues who have chosen to offer careers advice and mentoring to our students.

If you are willing to help our Deps and Grecians with careers advice or in a mentoring role then your profile settings must reflect this. We urge you to please take a moment to make sure your settings are correct if you are able to help.

For those who opt in to help our current pupils please read through our guidance notes which can be found, along with guidance notes on how to update your profile, in the resource section of the website –

For those that have already offered to help the Grecian year on you will automatically be visible to the Deputy Grecians as someone they can contact for advice via the website.