Monday 18th Jan 2021

Covid-19 Hardship Appeal




To support disadvantaged pupils and their families who are struggling as a result of the pandemic and the new lockdown, Christ’s Hospital has launched a Covid-19 Hardship Appeal.

Pupils are once again facing the challenges of lockdown learning. Some children lack the mobile data access or hardware they need to learn from home. Many are facing isolation, anxiety, loneliness or even bereavement.

Funding from the appeal will be used to bolster the financial support the School is already providing for families, as well as weekly food vouchers, access to mobile data and IT support. It is also critical that CH can continue to support our pupils’ mental health and overall wellbeing during this challenging time, with resources and support from our Counselling and wider pastoral teams.

The launch of Covid-19 Hardship Appeal demonstrates our commitment to support our pupils and their families during this difficult period, to ensure that pupils can continue their education and no one gets left behind as a result of their circumstances.

Head Teacher Simon Reid said “We recognise that we are all living in unprecedented times,  but Christ’s Hospital will do all it can to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic posing a lasting threat to our pupils’ learning, wellbeing and their futures. We are responding in myriad practical ways, one of which is launching this appeal to enable pupils and their families who are facing hardship to get the support they need”.

We are grateful to Old Blues and others in the CH community who have already generously donated within the first few days of launching the appeal.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Covid-19 Hardship Appeal can do so by visiting: