Edward Strange PeA 49-55

Monday 28 March 2022

Submitted by Paul Strange

Ted was born on the 11th of February 1938 in Islington, London, the only child of Reginald and Eleanor.

Ted grew up in Islington and this nurtured his love of all things Arsenal following his father who was also a firm Arsenal fan. They both used to attend home games at Highbury Stadium regularly.

The owner of CH used to give scholarships in those days to gifted children of London that couldn’t afford to pay for a place and Ted was fortunate enough to pass and gain a place in CH from this scheme back in 1950.

Ted met his future wife Vera in London at a party they had both gate-crashed. When courting, they used Vera’s pride and joy, a Lambretta scooter to get around until one day Ted sold it without her permission, an act never to be forgotten and often re-told over many family gatherings.

Ted passed his chartered accountancy exam, but never practised professionally. He worked all over the U.K. for a security firm and latterly worked in Italy for a few years, learning to speak Italian fluently until he retired to the south of England.

He recently attended an open day at CH and had fond memories of his time there.

Ted will be greatly missed and remembered by all those he left behind, but particularly his wife Vera, his two children and his three grandchildren.