(Elisabeth) Virginia Youdale (née James) – 1s, 8s 1938-1946 

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Submitted by Fred Youdale

Mum was very proud to belong to the Old Blues. CH had been a special school to her and her sister Sheila (who passed away in 2020). Her stepson Richard taught at CH in the 1980s and I was fortunate enough to spend a few weeks there in June/July 1986 (Mid B).

She last went to Horsham in October 2018 for the lunch for pupils who left CH over 65 years ago. I was there too, and it was the last time all three sisters were reunited.

Mum had 5 children, many friends and family all over the world, was very active in choirs, her local Anglican church, and charities. She lived in England, South Africa, Sweden, and France (where she was born) and became a French national at the young age of 89!

She was always positive and smiling and I am sure she still is.

She will be missed…

Virginia Youdale, born in Le Havre, France, 09 November 1928, died in Mougins, France, on 5 February 2022