Thursday 15th Aug 2019

Excellent A Level Results




Christ’s Hospital pupils and their teachers are celebrating another year of impressive A level results.

Overall 11% of all Pre-U and A Level grades achieved were equivalent to an A* with 61% of grades achieved being A*-B. Out of a cohort of 121 pupils 40 A* or equivalent grades were achieved with 22 pupils, 18% of the cohort achieving a minimum of one A*. 25 Pupils, 20% of the cohort, achieved strong grades in four or more A-Levels. 15 Pupils achieved a clean sweep of 3 or more A or A* grades. The average UCAS points achieved by each pupil was 124, which equates to BBB.

There were some notable individual achievements and huge congratulations go to these students:

Mao Mikami with A*, A*, A*, A, A (Gap Year)
Montgomerie Wren with A*, A*, A*, A (Physics, Imperial)
Lydia Thornhill A*, D2, A, D3 (Chinese, Manchester)
Takashi Yoshinaga A*, A*, A, A (Economics, UCL)
Serenity Thornton A*, D2, D3, B (Politics, Philosophy and Law, KCL)
Maximus Holloway A*, A, A, A (Medicine, Birmingham)
Eugene Ting A*, A, A, A (Engineering)
Osman Kwok A*, A, A, A (Biomedical Science, KCL)
Carolyn Acevedo A*, A*, A, B (Nat. Sci.)
Yuki Takeuchi A*, A*, A, B (Maths and Comp. Sci., UCL)
Maria Howard A*, A*, A (Chemistry with French, Imperial)
Naomi Cooper A*, A*, A (Classics and English, Oxford)
Charles Robinson A*, D2, D2 (Philosophy, UCL)
Matthew Attalah A*, D2, D2 (History, LSE)

Congratulations to Naomi Cooper (Classics and English, Oxford), Maria Howard (Chemistry with French, Imperial) and Montgomerie Wren (Physics, Imperial) on achieving their offer requirements to take up their Oxford and Imperial places.
As a consequence of these results, 103 out of the cohort of 121 pupils choosing to apply through UCAS this year, 79% were able to take up either their first choice or insurance offer. With many of our pupils taking up places on course at prestigious universities including Bristol, Durham, Imperial College, KCL, LSE, Oxford, and UCL.

Simon Reid, Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital commented, “Our pupils’ results testify to their strong embrace of learning opportunities over many years; they and their teachers, and everyone who has supported their time at Christ’s Hospital, deserve the warmest congratulation. Results like these flow from countless influences, many of them well beyond the classroom and at Christ’s Hospital, especially, there can be real pride in the successes reflected so starkly in these statistics.”