Thursday 22nd Aug 2019

Excellent (I)GCSE Results




Pupils and staff at Christ’s Hospital are celebrating another excellent set of (I)GCSE results. This is another year in which an impressive 37% of all grades achieved were equivalent to an A*, with 64% of all grades at A-grade or above and 96% A*-C. With the new Level 9-1 grading available in more subjects, this allowed many of our most able pupils to achieve the top grade. 117 grades out of the all grades awarded were the top Level 9, equating to 15% of the cohort.

Strong performances are noted in Mathematics and Science, with 74.2% of all Maths grades achieved being equivalent to a Level 7 or higher; in Triple Science, 69% of all grades achieved were equivalent to a Level 7 or higher and in English 91% of grades achieved were A*-B.

Included in these results there are some hugely impressive individual performances including 30 Pupils who achieved at least 10 A or A* grades out of a cohort of 121 and 24 Pupils achieved at least 8 A*.
Special congratulations should go to:

Theodore Murton 12 A* (7 of which were at Level 9)
Sophie Lambert 11 A* (5 at level 9)
Katherine Linaker 11 A*, 1 A (4 at level 9)
Imani Tokpanoude 10 A* (6 at level 9)
Felix Adena 10 A* (3 at level 9)
Aidan Caunter 10 A*, 2 A (1 at level 9)
Manon Howard 10 A*, 1 A (1 at level 9)
Cameron Smith 10 A*, 1 B (4 at level 9)

These results and achievements are made all the more remarkable given the new, more challenging specifications and terminal examinations after recent reforms.

Simon Reid, Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital commented, “Considering the journey that many of our pupils will have undertaken to get to this point, these are inspirational results. They and their teachers deserve loud praise for them. It is always easy to show that individuals have achieved at the ‘top’ end; however, unwavering light must also be shone on the many people in this cohort who did not gain an A* or A-grade but whose results reflect their very best. Christ’s Hospital will continue to be proud of its GCSE pupils because they embrace their school journey, negotiate its hurdles, and almost always emerge having done their very best.”