Founder’s Day Dinner 2023

Wednesday 28 June 2023

Stewards of Christ’s Hospital Founder’s Day Invite You to Founder’s Day Dinner

Honorary Secretary: John D. Williams                                                                          

2 Churchgate House, Headley, Hampshire GU35 8PW  01428 714064                           

Chief Steward: Mike Lloyd (MaA, MdA 77-84)

Ironmonger’s Hall,  Shaftsbury Place

Barbican EC2Y 8AA

Friday 6th October 2023

6.00pm for 6.45pm

This year is the 350th anniversary of the Royal Mathematical School and Christ’s Hospital’s relationship with the Royal Navy. To acknowledge and celebrate this bond the Stewards are honoured to announce this year’s Chairman is Rear Admiral Anthony Rimington, Director of Strategy and Policy and Assistant Chief of Naval Staff

Responder will be Major General “Buster” Howes CB OBE (BaB, ColA 71-77), Ex Commandant General, Royal Marines

It is expected such distinguished speakers will attract increased numbers, especially from those who wore the RMS silver badge or left CH and entered the Services.

Dinner tickets are available at £120 (to include pre dinner drinks, table wines and port with coffee). A rate of £85 is available for those under 30 (at 01.09.23) and a special rate of £55 is available for those under 25 (at 01.09.23). Aware of the significantly increased financial pressures which currently exist a special payment arrangement is available this year whereby an initial 50% is paid on application followed by two 25% payments no later than 31st Dec 2023 and 31st March 2024. Those wishing to take advantage of this should apply to the Hon. Secretary directly and in confidence.

Applications should be made via the below booking link. For those wary of internet banking the application details can be filled out as normal and a cheque sent to John Williams at the above address. Continuing efforts to control pricing remain and the 4.5% increase represents a reasonable outcome in the 10% inflation environment we currently experience. However, to  counter the overall increase in costs the Stewards invite those who cannot attend this year (and, indeed, those who can) to contribute towards the costs of inviting Grecians and our other special guests. Any such contribution should be noted on the application form and will be gratefully received. All applications must be received no later than Thurs.28th Sept. 2023.

Dinner should end by 10.00pm but the bar will remain open until approximately 11.00pm.

CHOBA will again list on their website, (from early September) those attending. The presence of your name on this list should be taken as confirmation of your attendance. Those without computer access will, on request, receive separate confirmation.

Dress: Black tie optional Military Evening Dress, Decorations & Medals. Guests are welcome.

Chief Steward, Mike Lloyd, looks forward to greeting you at the dinner.


Please note this event is organised and run by the Stewards of Founder’s Day. CHOBA has no further information on this event and any enquiries should be directed to John Williams at