Monday 28th Jun 2021

GE Careers Conference 2021




On Friday, our GE (Year 11) pupils all took part in our annual Careers Conference.

We were delighted to host recent Old Blue (former pupil) Charlie Robinson, who gave an inspirational speech about his own experiences building his business, Gelcard.

In the evening, pupils joined online sessions with external guests, many of whom were Old Blues. In these, pupils were able to put their questions to professionals from a wide range of careers areas.

Feedback on the event has been very positive and pupils most enjoyed being able to speak with someone directly involved in a field that they are interested in pursuing in the future.

Charles Robinson OB is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Gel Card; he is an entrepreneur who has made millions from his business, which was successful in under one year.  Charles is studying at UCL and began his business whilst studying for his degree there. A recent leaver, he will be talking to us about his work and his advice for us here at CH. Charles has been on Sky News to talk about his business.