Gordon Bridger ColB 41-50

Monday 24 January 2022

Submitted by The Right Revd David Evans—LaA 50-57.

Just short of 90 years of age, Gordon had a long and fruitful ministry in 5 parishes from 1956-1987,including St Mary’s Islington ,the Round Church Cambridge, St Thomas’ Edinburgh, and Holy Trinity Norwich. His last appointment was at Oakhill Theological College from 1987-1996, when he was able to share his long grassroots experience of local parish life as a master trainer of curates in the art of faithful preaching of the Word.

He loved his time at C.H. both in the Prep School and in Col B. An avid cricketer and table tennis player ,he also supported Arsenal and supplied the tenor part in a very musical family. At his thanksgiving service on the 14th January everyone commented on his attractive character. He never lost his temper and was always full of fun. The secret of this was his faithful and total commitment to Christ as his Lord and Saviour. This was worked out with great integrity in devoting himself to the priorities of prayer, preaching and people. These were the titles of his addresses when he spoke at my own ordination retreat in the diocese of London.

Many people’s lives were reoriented through his life and work. Not least those of his own family of 3 children and 10 grandchildren. With his wife Elizabeth who cared for him faithfully over so many years of happy marriage they became patriarchal and matriarchal figures.

We give thanks for a truly godly man who attracted many others to know and enjoy a personal relationship with God. He rests in peace now and he will certainly rise in glory.