Thursday 25th Nov 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!




On this US holiday we would like to thank the Friends of Christ’s Hospital (FCH) in the US for their dedicated support of CH. To date, donors in the USA have supported no fewer than 56 pupils at CH, many of whom have already gone on to universities and successful careers. Currently nine pupils at CH are supported by US donors. These pupils include the current Second Monitor, Alexandra. Now in her final year at CH, Alexandra has taken advantage of every opportunity available to her and has thrived during her time at the School. Reflecting on her time at CH she recently said:

“One of the best things about my experience at Christ’s Hospital is the vast range of opportunities that have been offered to me, both within and outside of the classroom. These opportunities include participation in Linguistic, Maths and Science Olympiads, playing instruments and being part of the Medical Society and a number of different sports teams during my time here. I’m grateful for all of these opportunities because they have allowed me to grow as a person, while gaining skills that will be beneficial in my life and future career after I leave”.