Tuesday 3rd Dec 2019

Holly shares her CH Story




Before coming to Christ’s Hospital, I didn’t enjoy school very much. I felt that achieving was far out of my reach and my dyslexia was only there to hold me back. But then CH helped me to be grateful for this particular challenge I was presented with. It has made me love learning and all the challenges I might face, enabling me to become stronger and grow every day. Not only has CH developed my academic ability but it has also given me numerous opportunities and taught me to embrace as many as I can; from playing on the girl’s rugby team, to performing in the Theatre, or debating worldwide topics in MUN. There is something for everyone at Christ’s Hospital and this is enhanced by the diversity within the School.

The three greatest achievements for me at CH might have initially been becoming a Monitor, House Captain and Captain of the Girl’s Rugby Team. However, my greatest goal was my GSCE grades. After spending just over six years at Christ’s Hospital, I look back now at my first day and wonder how it was ever possible for me to get to where I am today. It was all down to the strength and support that was given to me by Christ’s Hospital.

The greatest benefit CH has given me is the opportunity to find myself. Secondary school is a place where everyone is undergoing changes mentally and physically. CH allows its pupils to become who they are by providing them with vast amounts of opportunities to flourish. This has given me strength through a time where there can be large amounts of uncertainty.

CH is not just unique because its core is filled with its charitable foundation, which has enabled the vast diversity within the School’s culture. Christ’s Hospital is also unique for its ability to bring out talents or skills that students might never have known they had. Due to the diversity of School, I have been allowed to flourish at what I do best. CH has given me a home away from home, it gives me a sense of belonging and allows me and all my friends to share this feeling together.

The academic support of the staff has definitely had a large influence on me. Having teachers that didn’t give up on me when I wanted to helped me to develop resilience and see how valuable skills such as this can be. Another lovely benefit of CH is that when you are faced with a big academic challenge there is always the support of the sports pitch, music room, friends or staff around. This has enabled me to receive lots of different types of support for different situations.

CH has developed me as a person by providing challenges and helping me overcome them. This has enabled me to develop life skills and find out who I am as a person. CH has taught me a lot about how important personal resilience is when facing times of adversity, allowing me to become more mature as I have grown and developed mentally and physically throughout my time at the School.

My hopes for the future are to study at university, with a deferred application after a Gap year. During my Gap year I intend to travel with multiple charities, helping others and thus enabling me to benefit others just like Christ’s Hospital has helped me.

Although, I might not have fixed long-term goals for a career yet. Christ’s Hospital has taught me that if I do what I love I will always enjoy what I am doing, and this will lead me in all the right directions. It has taught me that there is nothing to lose by trying and so I might as well because I never know what might happen!

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