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Curriculum and Pastoral

The Careers Department delivers careers provision in PSHE and weekly tutorials. All year groups from Year 7 look at their strengths and weaknesses, often through guided profiles.  Year 7 pupils look at their favourite subjects and how these can lead into professional jobs.  Year 8 look at their personality types (through ICould) and CASCAID.  They complete these software programmes, and assess potential subject choices at GSCE and / or career options. In tutorials Year 9 pupils complete the PROBE (COA) programme, and Yea 10 pupils complete Fast Tomato questionnaires followed by the Careers Preview and Brief (COA).

Tutors are trained by external specialists and give feedback and one to one interviews, alongside the Careers Department, to assist pupils in making informed choices. Year 11 pupils receive professional interviews from the COA team.  The Sixth form pupils have a professionalised programme which runs through tutorials and special event days.  Pupils are guided through the UCAS process and Higher Apprenticeship schemes.

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