The Biology department is currently composed of five full-time and one part-time teacher, supported by a full time laboratory technician. The vast majority of the Biology teaching occurs in dedicated Biology laboratories found in the New Science School on the East side of the garden quad. The Biology laboratories are in the process of being fully refurbished. The finished labs are light and airy and fitted out in a way that enables teachers and pupils to be able to interact efficiently during both theory and practical work. All labs are fully equipped with the standard laboratory equipment. In addition all labs have access to the school network via Wi-Fi.

In their first two years (Year 7 and Year 8) at Christ’s Hospital pupils are taught Biology as part of an integrated Science course. Usually, one member of the Science department will teach pupils all three Sciences on a rotational basis.

In their third year (Year 9), pupils are taught Biology by a subject specialist, as in this year the pupils will begin their IGCSE course. At Christ’s Hospital a large emphasis is placed on practical work to aid learning. In a recent letter from The Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust and Society of Biology (amongst others) the CBI was quoted as saying “Encouraging young people to develop a serious interest in Science depends on their having plenty of opportunity to get hands-on experience of conducting practical experiments”. This is something we thoroughly endorse and look to embrace as part of our Biology teaching. In their GE year pupils will sit either double award Science or Separate Biology (along with separate Chemistry and Physics).