Chemistry A level is taught in a suite of six recently refurbished laboratories in the Christ’s Hospital Salters’ School of Chemistry. There are seven Chemistry teachers. This year, there are 6 sets in the Lower Sixth, and 5 in the Upper Sixth, all of about 12 students.


The labs are well equipped for A level. The course has excellent course materials and we also provide text books and revision guides. Students are provided with an overview of each year and a weekly plan clearly setting out the practical tasks, problems and preps. There are several weekly sessions of supported prep for students to drop in and ask for individual help. Revision sessions are scheduled in the run up to an exam, but help is available at any time.

Career Opportunities

Chemistry is needed by chemists! And chemists are needed in many areas:

Petrochemicals, agrochemicals, materials science, pharmaceuticals, brewing, cosmetics, forensic science to name just a few.

Chemistry A level is vital for medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, environmental science.

However, because of the skills of numeracy, problem solving and observation that Chemistry gives you, it is also useful for law, accountancy and the civil service.