Chemistry touches every aspect of our existence, from food and farming to the air we breathe, while chemical technologies are at the forefront of advances in fields such as health, materials and energy usage. In short, chemistry is fundamental to our world and to our progress as a society. The study of chemistry is, therefore, both fascinating and intellectually demanding.

Christ’s Hospital boasts six well equipped laboratories for chemistry, including access to state-of-the-art analytical equipment more commonly found in university laboratories. Eight teaching staff with 11 chemistry degrees, supported by two technicians, teach throughout the school. Often known as the ‘central science’, chemistry involves principles and practices that connect with all scientific disciplines – physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, engineering as well as earth and environmental sciences.

Chemistry is a very popular subject at CH with many students going on to pursue science-based courses at university. A level chemistry is essential for further study of chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacology and related engineering disciplines.