The CH Heritage Series

The museum volunteers have so far published seven booklets in the new CH Heritage Series. Each booklet is fully illustrated, has 48 pages and is meticulously researched. The great majority of the illustrations are of items which are in the collections.

The price is £9.50 per booklet, plus postage & packing £2.00 in the UK, and £5.00 abroad.  For postage for more than one booklet please add a further 50p per copy in the UK, and £2.50 per copy abroad.  These booklets are funded entirely by money raised by the volunteers, and all proceeds are for the benefit of the Museum.

Booklets may be ordered by sending a payment by paypal to or by making a cheque payable to Christ’s Hospital Foundation and sending it to The Counting House (museum), Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0YP.

No 1 – Postcards by Clifford Jones. 2010

This has 150 illustrations, and features rare cards of CH London, pictures of events at Hertford before the site was closed in 1985, and many cards of CH at Horsham.  It amounts to a light touch history of many aspects of CH in the 20th century.

No 2 – Engravings by Mike Barford. 2010

This has 89 illustrations, and features engravings of CH in London and Hertford up to 1902, two plans of CH London and scenes from CH life.  It gives much historical information about CH up to the move to Horsham in 1902, and complements the information in Postcards.

No 3 – Memorabilia by the Museum Volunteers.  Edited by Mike Barford. 2011

This has 160 illustrations, provides a comprehensive review of the full range of CH’s archives and collections, and is set out in an historical introduction and in 22 separate sections which explain the extraordinary range and variety of objects which illuminate CH’s history.

No 4 – Customs and Traditions by Clifford Jones. 2011

This has 150 illustrations, and is full of detail about the school including its association with the Tower of London, the City and Royalty, from 1552 through to the 21st Century.  It explains many of the customs and traditions which are unique to CH, and explains their origins.

No 5 – Cartoons by Mike Barford. 2012

This has 140 illustrations, and celebrates the contribution of Christ’s Hospital to early British graphic satire.  It includes an introduction to British caricatures from 1780 through to the end of the 19th century, is full of detail about the many cartoons featured and also shows three sets of previously unpublished cartoons drawn by pupils and staff.

No 6 – School Life by Clifford Jones. 2012

This has 175 illustrations, and is full of detail about the everyday life of a school ‘like no other’, in London, at Hertford and now at Horsham, from 1552 through to the 21st century. It reflects four hundred and sixty years of history.

No 7 – Badges, Prizes and Tokens by Mike Barford. 2013

This has 180 illustrations, and describes the principal badges, prizes and tokens which have been used at Christ’s Hospital in five consecutive centuries, and which were struck in gold, silver or other metals.  Inter alia, some CH pupils have worn Presentation badges since 1674, CH was one of the first schools to award prizes made in silver, from 1800 to 1862 CH had its own currency and from 1755 to 1861 marker’s Medals were worn by older children selected to help others with their reading.

Other CH books in print

Prices are given excluding postage & packing, the costs of which will be given on enquiry to or by calling Andrea Wellstead on 01403 247404.

The History of the Band, by Clifford Jones. 2017

A 48 page booklet celebrating nearly 150 years of the famous Christ’s Hospital Band since its foundation in 1868. Price £9-50, plus p/p UK £2-50. Europe £6-00, Rest of the World £8-50.

‘The Sea and the Sky’ by Clifford Jones. 2015

The History of the Royal Mathematical School of Christ’s Hospital – a book of History rather than Mathematics.

The Royal Mathematical School of Christ’s Hospital was set up in 1673 to teach the principles of navigation to selected boys in preparation of a career at sea. Using mainly the original records dating back 400 years, this is a  major ground breaking history, nearly 350 packed pages of never before published accounts of the Foundation of the Mathematical School, of the teachers and the pupils from the beginning right through to the present day.

Fully illustrated in colour throughout, it dispels the myth that Samuel Pepys started the School and provides new insights into his role during the first thirty years. Full details are provided of the extensive contributions made by Robert Hooke, John Flamsteed, Sir Christopher Wren and Sir Isaac Newton, among many others. Some 2000 boys left CH to travel the world on voyages of commerce and exploration, leaving many amazing stories to tell. Price £25.00 plus postage/packing, per book, £5.00 UK, £15.00 abroad.

Christ’s Hospital Pupils 1552-1902  by Ken Mansell. 2014

A comprehensive record covering 350 years from the School’s foundation in 1552 through to 1902. Incorporating over 46,500 names with the years of each pupil’s period of education at CH, age of entry and from where the pupils were admitted along with a brief history of the School.

The book also provides further detailed information on over 900 notable Old Blues, many of whom were prominent figures in a variety of different fields, including academic, cultural, ecclesiastical, business, industry and public services. Price £16 plus £3.50 p&p (UK)

Christ’s Hospital in the Victorian Era by Ken Mansell. 2011

A hardback book of 450 pages with nearly 100 illustrations, which tells the story of the 11,632 boys and girls who were admitted to CH during the reign of Queen Victoria and chronicles the rich history of the school during that period.   Price £32.

In Their Own Words by David Miller. 2014

A 48 page booklet containing first hand reports of Old Blues serving in the various theatres during the Great War, compiled by David Miller (LaB 48-55).

The reports are taken from contemporary editions of The Blue and other published sources, and from original letters and manuscripts held in the CH museum. It also contains an updated Roll of Honour, listing the details of all Old Blues known to have died as a result of the war, including their final resting place. Price £9.50

Freedom, We died for you by David Miller. 2011

A hardback book of 168 pages, profusely illustrated in full colour, which tells the story of each of the 213 Old Blues whose names are on the Dining Hall WW2 Memorial, tracing their lives and placing each death in context.   Price £15.

Christ’s Hospital in the year 2000 by Rosie Howard and Pam Legate.  Edited by Peter Bloomfield, designed by John Mitchell and produced by John and Susan Mitchell.

Published in 2002 as part of the celebrations of 450 years since CH was founded and 100 years since it moved to Horsham.  A fully illustrated book of 234 pages which provides a portrait of the community at Horsham, with detailed historical appendices. Price £25.

In This Place, 1927-2004.  Memories of Christ’s Hospital collected by Barclay Hankin. 2004

A 156 page book, which is fully illustrated and which includes chapters on the author’s own experiences at CH (1927 – 1934), CH in World War two, a summary chapter on 1945-1985, a detailed chapter on 1985 – 2004, the activities of the year September 2003 to September 2004, and a tailpiece which draws things together. Price £7.50

Away from the Bombs and the boys by Audrey Griggs. 2004

A 223 page book with 23 photographs in which Audrey Griggs gives a full and frank account of life as a boarder at Christ’s Hospital in Hertford.  Price £5

Christ’s Hospital in Photographs II selected and introduced by NM Plumley.  1990

This is the fourth and final book in the Christ’s Hospital Papers, a series of books which was published between 1981 and 1990.  It features 157 photographs, 24 of which relate to the school in London and building the school at Horsham, 20 to the Counting House in Newgate Street, Great Tower Street and Horsham, 77 to the school at Hertford, 21 to the school at Horsham after the merger with the girls’school and 15 to the effects of the 1987 hurricane on the school at Horsham.  Price £5.00

The Organs and Music Masters of Christ’s Hospital by Nick Plumley.  1981

This is the first book in the Christ’s Hospital Papers series. This book contains chapters on The Music Masters of Christ’s Hospital, the Big School Organ, the Organ in Christ Church, Newgate Street, the Organs in the Chapel at Christ’s Hospital, and the Flight and Robson Barrel and Finger Organ which is now in the Court Room.  Price £5.00

Christ’s Hospital.  The last years in London by CME Seaman. 1977

George Seaman was Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital from 1955-1970. This is a 159 page hard back, illustrated book which was published after his death by his widow, based on four chapters of his projected history of Christ’s Hospital from c1860. Price £5.00

Second hand books and memorabilia

The museum has a wide range of second hand books, engravings, postcards and booklets which are surplus to the Collection and which are available to purchase.  In due course further information about these will be included on this website. For further information, please contact Mike Barford (Hon Curator of the CH Museum) on or call Andrea Wellstead on 01403 247404.