Letter from the CHOBA Board – Spring 2019

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Dear Old Blues

One of our key roles as Christs Hospital Old Blues Association board members, is to act as a conduit between you, the Old Blue community, and the school; that is both the Headmaster and the team running the school, as well as the Council, who govern the management of the school. We also have a close relationship with the Development Office.

In this role, we are keen to find more ways to engage with you – to find out what you want to know about, hear your stories about what the school meant to you, and understand any concerns or questions you may have about what’s happening at the school right now, or maybe what the future holds.

To this end, we will be producing a regular ‘Letter from the Board’, with updates and answers to any questions that we receive, to pass on any news that we believe will be of interest to you, and if there are any notable topics that we feel it would be helpful for you to understand more about.

The ‘Letter from the Board’ will be a regular feature as part of the Old Blues E-Newsletter as well as being downloadable from the Old Blues update page on the Christ’s Hospital Website and will also be posted on the CHOBA.org website. You can always contact us via the Old Blues email address oldblues@christs-hospital.org.uk

We are also exploring other ways to open up a conversation with you all – and one of those will be at this year’s Old Blues Day on 18 May. We hope you are able to attend, it’s such a great chance to revisit the school and meet up with, not just friends from your time, but also Old Blues from other generations as well. It’s a lovely opportunity to see how the school is evolving, as well as enjoy the things that don’t change – such as Band Parade and the Chapel Service.

We will have different members from the board helping out on the welcome stand on Middleton’s front lawn throughout the day – so come along to say hello, and tell us a little about what your time at CH was like.

One final point – there is a vacancy on the board and shortly we will begin the process to find someone to join us. Perhaps you might be interested in helping out and finding ways to build connections between Old Blues.

Yours faithfully


Ralph Tait, ThA,ThB 86-93 (Chair)    Louisa Lockwood, 4s, BaA 81-88 (Vice Chair)

Daisy Swayne, BaA 90-97                  Chris Thomas, ThA, ThB and GrW 94-01

Bob Judson, MaB, ColB 73-80           Anna Larkin, ColA 90-97

Bridget West, 7s, ColB 84-91             Johnny Owens MaA 91-98