Monday 15th Apr 2024

Mandarin Trip to Taiwan




Mandarin students enjoyed an incredible school trip to Taiwan during the Easter holidays, which offered them a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant and diverse culture, as well as further develop their language skills.

During their time in Taiwan, students explored the vibrant city of Taipei and visited iconic landmarks such as Taipei 101, where they enjoyed panoramic views of the city. They also visited traditional temples and the ShiLin night market.

A highlight of the trip was the visit to a local middle school, where our students pent time with local secondary students, gaining insight into different customs and daily school routines. Additionally, visiting the Chinese Culture University in Taipei allowed our students to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and language through engaging workshops and interactive sessions.

Our students also enjoyed exploring the rich culinary landscape of Taiwan, sampling a variety of delicious and authentic dishes, expanding their palate and embracing the local flavours.

Overall, the trip to Taiwan was a memorable and transformative experience for our students, providing them with valuable opportunities for cultural learning, language development, and personal growth. We look forward to organising more enriching trips in the future to continue inspiring and empowering our students to become global citizens.