Marjorie Ross – CH Almoner 1985-1995

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Marjorie Ross, born on 31st March 1923, gave many years of service to Christ’s Hospital as an Almoner (1985-1995) and a member of several Committees including the School’s Education Committee (1987-1991). As a generous donor to CH and member of the Court of Governors she supported two pupils through the School and benefited several others through her role as a Trustee of the Mitchell City of London Charity.

 Marjorie played an invaluable role in supporting her husband Angus Ross (BaA 1930-1937) in his highly successful time as Treasurer of CH (1976-1984). She was instrumental in the establishment and support of the annual Angus Ross Memorial Concert, which remains a key event in the School’s calendar today.

 Marjorie’s impact on Christ’s Hospital and its pupils was felt in many areas. Susan Mitchell (1s/7s 1947-1956 and a former Treasurer) recounts Marjorie’s involvement in setting the policies relating to the move of the CH girls to the Horsham School. Susan writes, “Marjorie was among those determined to see the design of a new girls’ uniform appropriate to the traditions of the boys’ school. The results of these deliberations can be seen to this day. Thank you Marjorie!”

 Marjorie died on 10th April 2020, exactly a century after her husband Angus’ birth.