Tuesday 14th Dec 2021

Model United Conference




On Saturday 27 November, the CH Model United Conference took place for the first time in two years. For the GE and Deps (Year 11 and 12), it was their first conference ever and pupils were outstanding, particularly as they had done most of their active sessions on Teams during the pandemic. Secretary general Isabella and deputies Hillary and Victor led the day, which was the highlight of the term.

Pupils were dressed up smartly in business attire for the conference during the day, with issues debated including the right to work for sex workers and the right for prisoners to vote. In the afternoon, a Crisis Council was held, which simulated the current situation and tensions on the Belarussian border. The quality of debate and public speaking at CH MUN is always impressive, but the research, diplomatic cooperation and enthusiasm for current affairs was outstanding.

In the evening, we welcomed Professor Benno Teschke, a lecturer in international relations at the University of Sussex, who gave an in-depth and insightful speech called ‘Splendid Isolation 2.0’. His lecture delved into Britain’s history and its dealings with Europe, explaining the recent ruptures in the UK-EU relationship.  Professor Teschke was hugely impressed by the Q&A session at the end, as the pupils asked complex questions which reflected their understanding of political issues and how history has shaped the modern world.

The evening culminated in a black-tie dinner in Court Room, with all delegates in their finery and reflecting on the events and debates of the day.

Certificates and prizes were given to:

Best resolutions:

Corinne (GE/Year 11)

Amélie (DG/Year 12)

Highly commended:

Haeun (GR/Year 13)

Matilda (DG/Year 12)

Charlene (GE/Year 11)

Ciru (DG/Year 12)

Toga (GR/Year 13)

Outstanding Delegate:

Ella (DG/Year 12)

David (DG/Year 12)

Some student testimonials to include:

The best thing about the conference was seeing what the GE (Year 11) had practised in the sessions get put into the conference and how rewarding it is as ‘mentors’ to see them take part in conferences!” Madeleine (GR/Year 13)

Joining MUN last year was one of the best decisions I made after joining CH. It has improved my ability to research and inform myself on pressing humanitarian and global issues through taking the stance of multiple countries. Additionally, it has also pushed me to deliver confident speeches on these issues, whereby I can now say that the best part of the conference was the debating. Overall, partaking in MUN is an incredibly fun experience, and it is something that I definitely wish to continue even at university.” Haeun (GR/Year 13)