Wednesday 5th May 2021

Music Video Creativity




Third Form (Year 8) pupil Oliver has recorded his own version of a sea shanty, recently made popular on social media site Tik Tok. He decided to make a music video of a song called ‘Wellerman’ using the Acapella singing app. Oliver recorded all four parts of the song’s harmonies acapella and then played them together through the app with very successful results!

Watch the video here:

When asked what inspired him to make his recording, Oliver said: “I’m currently doing an online course with the National Children’s Orchestra and a side project of the course is called ‘Musical Postcards’. These are short versions of longer pieces arranged to be multitracked using the Acapella app. I thought, I’ve got the app, why don’t I do some singing with it too!”

Oliver, who has been awarded a music scholarship at CH, plays the French horn and is hoping to take his Grade 8 exam soon, as well as to be in our famous band when he is older. He also enjoys singing in the Third Form (Year 8) Boys’ Choir and is a member of the National Children’s Orchestra. Miss Verity Bramson, Head of Singing at Christ’s Hospital commented to say: “Oliver really impressed me, as he put the video together completely on his own with no direction, help or assignment to do so.”

Christ’s Hospital has, since the appointment of its first full time Music Master in the sixteenth century, recognised the importance of music in a child’s education, and continued throughout 400 years to make resources available to ensure that music is an integral part of the School’s day to day life. About one quarter of the School is in one or more of the major ensembles and music tuition is subsidised to a degree found in no other independent school in the country.

‘Wellerman’ also known as ‘Soon May the Wellerman Come’, is a well-known whaling song. The song frequently refers to the ‘wellermen’, supply ships owned by the British Weller brothers.