Myrtle TITO Saunt (nee Stileman ) – 6s 46-54

Thursday 06 December 2018

Tito was the oldest of 4 siblings; Freddie and Peter were both in Barnes.A and I was in 6’s with Tito  At  one stage we were all at CH at the same time.

Tito trained as an occupational therapist and married a vicar, Freddie was going to go into farming but died aged 19 of meningitis while serving in the British Army in Tripoli during the Suez crisis, Peter farmed all his life and died in 2012, he had 3 sons and I Danae married a retired Naval officer and have 2 daughters, Jessica and Ros.

CH gave us a truely wonderful start in life,for which we were so grateful.

Submitted by Danae Clark ( nee Stileman)