Old Blues Black Market

Friday 03 January 2020

Whilst 8 May 1945 saw the end of the war in Europe, it did not mark the end of rationing, which lasted another 9 years. So we will be running our own ‘Black Market’ on Old Blues VE Day.

Old Blue ‘Spivs’ who regularly sell anything on a small scale and would like to register an interest in being one of our Old Blue Black Market stallholders’ please contact the CHOBA office on oldblues@christs-hospital.org.uk for more information, or download an application form.

You can sell anything from jewellery to embroidered items, pots to jams and chutneys or books. A small deposit will be required to reserve your spot.

We can’t guarantee that no government inspectors will be sniffing around so bring your lookouts with you……?

NB: cigarettes and alcohol were never rationed, so no stalls selling tobacco or alcohol based products will be accepted folks!!