Thursday 6th Jun 2024

Old Blue Keith Douglas (LaA 31-38) Painting Donated to CH Museum


In a thoughtful tribute to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, we are honoured to share this painting by Old Blue Keith Douglas (LaA 31-38), kindly donated this week by Old Blue David Arnold (BaA 44-52). The picture colourfully painted in tempera, hung in Douglas’s study, depicting four soldiers at bayonet practice. Douglas was not only a renowned war poet and artist of his generation, but he tragically lost his life at the age of 24, just days after the D-Day landings.

[Douglas left the painting] with David and Peggy Roberts, after Peggy died in 2010, their younger son, Pete gave it to David. At the age of 90, David has decided that he needs to find a good home for this painting and Christ’s Hospital Museum was where he wished it to be homed.

We are very grateful to David for thinking of us and keeping the history of Christ’s Hospital alive.

You can read a full article on Douglas here By Kent Live.

⭐David Arnold (BaA 44-52) donating the painting to Christ’s Hospital Museum.
⭐Keith Douglas (LaA 31-38)

Christ's Hospital Keith Douglas painting

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