Dear fellow Old Blue,

We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and are full of energy heading into the coming months. In the last letter from the board, we spoke about looking for more ways to connect with you and ensure that you have the opportunity to share anything that may be on your mind, regarding the school and the Old Blue community. Hopefully you will have seen the recent survey where the goal was to find out what impact your time at Christ’s Hospital had. This data is now being analysed and collated, but one initial finding was that there were other topics that some of you wanted to share, but weren’t given the opportunity to in this specific survey. These are exactly the sorts of things we’d like to hear – so we know there’s a need and we’ll continue to explore the best way to make it easy for you to be heard, without the need to survey everyone all of the time!

We also mentioned that we have a vacancy on the board. We’ve discussed the current make up of the board (see below for a list of current members) and whilst we have a good gender mix and a strong skill set, we have found ourselves with less representation for the most recent leavers, as well as people who have been Old Blues for 45+ years – though we do have two members who were at both Hertford and Horsham. Whilst we wouldn’t exclude anyone who was interested in joining the board, if you fit into either of those groups we would love to hear from you.

The current ways to engage with us are below – we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Ralph Tait, ThA, ThB 86-93                                    Daisy Swayne, BaA 90-97

Louisa Lockwood, 4s, BaA 81-88                          Chris Thomas, ThA, ThB and GrW 94-01

Bob Judson, MaB, ColB 73-80                               Anna Larkin, ColA 90-97

Bridget West, 7s & ColB 84-91                               Johnny Owens MaA 91-98


www.christs-hospital.org.uk/Old-Blues/ and www.choba.org.uk