Mustafa Regec-Noor PeB, PeA, GrW 97-04

Having arrived at CH with an indolent nature, I was fortunate enough the values and education provided at the school established a foundation that has enabled me to progress in both my professional and personal life – even though it took some years after leaving for this to take effect.

The idea of being in service to others has resulted in me finding myself in the civil service which has given me the opportunity to work on national and sometimes international issues.  I’m also pleased to learn that many Old Blues can be found in Whitehall and the opportunity to engage with Old Blues in the private and third sector who are affected by policies and operations that I’m involved in.

My private life has become considerably narrow as I focus on being a father to a young and hopefully growing family but I wouldn’t have it any other way during these early years – an opportunity that I’m grateful that the civil service supports me in.  What little time I have to spare, I volunteer as a Governor for a primary school and a further education college and most importantly supporting the annual Founder’s Day Dinner.

I look forward to sharing passions I learned at CH with my child – TMS being a helpful companion during night duties and hopefully, taking her around Europe cheering Harlequins RFC where more OBs can be found on the pitch. Otherwise, I can be found impersonating a sherpa as I hike around British countryside.

I’m delighted that I have been co-opted as a member of the CHOBA board and looking forward to serving OBs and ensuring the relationship with the school continues to thrive.