Onyinye Udokporo BaB, GrE 09-16

Onyinye is especially passionate about education and has worked in that sector for 10 years. She works and lives in London and enjoys the liveliness of the City.

She is an entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, and pioneer of social mobility. After setting up her own tuition business aged 12, in 2018 she founded Enrich Learning, an online education platform and private tuition service.  In 2020, she founded The Process, a platform where you can learn how to strengthen and grow your business online.

In 2018, Onyinye was made the inaugural King’s College London Student of the Year; she completed her undergraduate degree in Religion, Politics and Society BA (Hons) in July 2019. She is now completing a master’s program in Education, Policy and Society MA at King’s College London, she will join the London Deloitte Risk Advisory team in February 2021.

She joined the steering committee of Old Blues Entrepreneurship Network (OBEN) and is keen to help people in the start-up world having set up two start-ups herself.

Onyinye is eager to positively contribute to the board and hopes to be a voice for the more recent leavers of CH. In her free time she enjoys travelling, cooking and taking on various fitness challenges.