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Old Blue Special Recognition Awards - Winners

Friday 31 August 2018

We are delighted to announce the following Old Blues as the 2018 winners of the Old Blue Special Recognition Awards:

Martin Bricknell (LaA 75-82) - Inspirational Career Success 

Nominated by an Old Blue

Martin has had an exceptional medical career, qualifying as a General Practitioner, Occupational Physician and in Public Health. He has excelled in academic study with a PhD, a MD and three Masters degrees. However these are just the foundations upon which his military career has developed. In his early career he qualified as a military parachutist and served with Airborne Forces. He commanded 22 Field Hospital which deployed to the Balkans and Oman. He has served, most recently, in military operational theatres including two tours in Afghanistan as the senior medical leader in his area of responsibility. He was the senior planner for the medical elements of the withdrawal from Helmand in Afghanistan and the military response to the Ebola crisis. He is one of the best military medical thinkers of his generation having published nearly 100 academic articles and having his electronic fingerprints over most National and International medical doctrine. In 2017 he was temporarily appointed to the post of Surgeon General, which is most senior role in medicine in Defence. This was confirmed in 2018 and he now holds the rank of Lieutenant General.

Andrew Cosedge (PeB 60-66) - Commitment to Christ's Hospital

Nominated by a current pupil (at time of nomination)

Andrew has been regularly helping with careers talks and careers events at the School for many years. As one of the original members of the Old Blues Legal group he has also been on the steering commitee since its inception and works with other members of the group and with the CH Debating Society to hold the annual Legal Debate. 

As Chairman of the Benevolent Society of Blues charity,  President of the Old Blues Rugby Club, an Amicable, a Steward of Founders Day, and a Donation Governor he shows a real ongoing commitment to the School.

Olivia Buckland (ThA, GrW 10-12) - Young Achiever and Rising Star

Nominated by a CH staff member

A two time cancer survivor before she reached the age of 21, Olivia wrote about her experiences of the disease with insight, humour and chutzpah, on an internationally acclaimed blog. After years of chemotherapy, surgeries, and a stem cell transplant, she recovered and went on to study at Cambridge University (2015 - 2018). During her time in Cambridge, Olivia was the President of Cambridge Pink Week. It is now the universities’ largest student-led charitable organisation which not only raises money but aims to engage and educate students, altering the common rehtoric surrounding breast cancer and encouraging self-awareness of the body.  Held over a week in February, Pink Week saw 62 events raise over £34,000 for breast cancer care and research charities.

Olivia also became the Senior Women's Boat Club Captain for Homerton College, and was a member of her college’s JCR Exec Committee and Welfare team for 2 years, ensuring positive student experience on campus. She runs a photography startup and competed in the Round the Island Yacht Race with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, and featured as a speaking role in the newly released Disney film, ‘Patrick’.

She has also featured twice in the TAB’s ‘Future 100 Women to Watch’ list [Barclays 2017], [J.P. Morgan 2018], and is a true inspiration.

Ken Mansell (PeB 53-61) - Commitment to Christ's Hospital

Nominated by an Old Blue 

Ken is a Donation Governor, Amicable, Steward of Founders Day, and Secretary of the Peele B Old Blues group.

He has been a volunteer working with the CH Museum for over 11 years, and has written several books about CH. A regular contributor to Heritage projects and the Museum, Ken is dedicated to maintaining Christ's Hospital's history and heritage.

The awards will be presented to our winners by the Headmaster during a special School Assembly for Deps and Grecians in November.

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