Old Blue Live Talks – Watch the Recordings

Thursday 09 December 2021

The second series of our Old Blue live virtual talks has now come to an end, and if you didn’t get the chance to join us in November for any of the talks you can access recordings of all of them below.

Once Upon A Time..  Storytelling in the Modern World

Tim Benjamin  PeB, PeA 87-92

Tim Benjamin is a composer, a writer, a film-maker, a speaker, a stage and screen director, a live musician, a technologist, and a mentor. His work has been broadcast, recorded, and performed in many countries. Tim talks about modern day storytelling and storytellers in their many guises, and their role in today’s society.

Its A Jungle Out There! Biodiversity Research in the Amazon

Tim Vincent MidB 74-80

Based in Manaus, Brazil, Tim is immersed in the biodiversity of Amazônia, participating in a national project to prioritise areas for the restoration of native vegetation, working with Programa de Pesquisa em Biodiversidade (PPBio).  Tim talks about the work he and PPBio carry out and the aims of furthering biodiversity studies in Brazil.

Climate Change is Nothing New

Dr Jennifer Bates ColA, GrW 05-07

Jennifer explains the 4.2k event in South Asia: suggested as one of the main causes of the end of this Bronze Age civilization, and explores how people reacted to a climate change event in the past. She will also look at how archaeological data can and is having a real impact on our own climate change debates today, and how projects like Land Cover 6k are being used in modelling future climate predictions.

The Force: A Biological Reinterpretation of Dylan Thomas

Nigel Ten Fleming PHD PrepA, ColA 63-73

In 1933, the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas wrote ‘The force that through the green fuse drives the flower’, a poem about Nature. As a biologist with a strong interest in quantum physics, Nigel will be taking the key threads of the Dylan Thomas poem and reinterpreting them in a somewhat unorthodox manner from this perspective. Join Nigel and take a trip down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole as he works though the theories of Copernicus, Darwin, Freud, Hubble and Einstein, about the nature of reality!

Huge thanks to all of our Old Blue speakers.