Tuesday 10th Mar 2020

Rear Admiral Entwisle Visit




On Thursday 5th March, we were delighted to welcome Rear Admiral William Entwisle OBE to Christ’s Hospital to present to CCF RN and RAF cadets. In 34 years in the Royal Navy, Rear Admiral Entwisle has served under, on and above the sea all around the world.

Rear Admiral Entwisle spoke to cadets about the roles of the Navy and about what it costs financially in the context of UK public expenditure in relation to other government departments. He then spoke about his personal experiences, which have included flying, operations, diving and a two stage career – “doing” with ships and aircraft, then “thinking” in the MOD and directing operations.

He also provided pupils with guidance on how to think about any sort of career, success and failure, personal resilience and what it takes to “succeed” in the big wide world.  Having been “a profoundly average school child” Admiral Entwisle wanted to provide some encouragement to all those who are not captain of the football team or head girl or boy, on how to use your education in life. There was then an opportunity for pupils to ask questions.