Robert Griffiths – PrepB, ColB 46-54

Monday 18 November 2019

Submitted by Ann Griffiths

Lieutenant Commander Robert Jeremy Houghton Griffiths Royal Navy (Retd) died peacefully on 8 November 2019.  He leaves a widow, Ann, a son, Dr William Griffiths, and a medical student grandson, Harry.

Robert was in Col. B from 1946 to 1954, where he was a volunteer member of the Royal Mathematical School and a Maths Grecian. He won CH’s first Flying Scholarship and passed top out of 322 candidates for the Armed Services in 1954. After leaving the Navy in 1971 he worked for IBM as a systems analyst. He was passionate about genealogy and was a prolific reader. In recent years he was a serious blogger on Navy Net, under the pseudonym ‘Seaweed’, and he wrote over 100 book reviews for Rum Ration and The Army Rumour Service.