Roy Jouning – ThB 38-44

Thursday 05 November 2020

Submitted by Richard Hunt

I first met Roy in September 1939, just after the war had been declared, on my arrival at Thornton B from Prep B. We had the task of filling sand bags, as a precaution against air raids, although nobody knew what was likely to happen next. Roy was a member of the band, playing the trombone. On leaving school he trained to become a quantity surveyor, and eventually became a director of Tersons Ltd. He was a very keen member of the Old Blues RFC, trekking out to distant Fairlop where the club house used to be. He was also instrumental in forming a cricket club called the Jackdaws.

Roy married Joy Mead in 1956 and they had two sons Simon and Charles also a daughter Vanessa. Later they were divorced and Roy took up a job in Nigeria, where in his free time he took to painting. On his retirement in Cowes, Isle of Wight Roy produced many paintings, mostly featuring yachts and sailing around the Cowes Marina area but sadly his eyesight deteriorated, which put paid to this hobby.