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Classrooms for Kenya

Christ’s Hospitals, Classrooms for Kenya, project. For three weeks at the start of the 2019 summer holiday, 47 students from DG (Year 12) and GR (Year 13) and 9 members of CH staff travelled to Kitale in western Kenya to help build new classrooms for three schools. Each school suffers from inadequate buildings for their student numbers and many of these schools have to resort to using unsafe mud huts or simply teaching outside under the shade of a tree. Funding and building these new classrooms will have a hugely beneficial impact on Kitale’s children and young adults.

Prior to departing, each student (and staff member) had been tasked with raising a minimum of £300 through sponsorship: this was combined with our first ever school sponsored walk, which saw over 500 students and staff walk through the West Sussex countryside to help raise funds to help pay for the buildings. The combined efforts from these events has meant that staff and students from Christ’s Hospital have raised over £44,000 during the last academic year, which has paid for 6 new classrooms to be built and this represents an amazing amount of fund raising from our school. The new classrooms have been built at three different schools: Kibagenge Primary School, Norah and Musundi Primary School and Saiwa Secondary School, all of which are based in western Kenya. Pupils raised funds through a variety of methods, ranging from: sponsored walks, runs and triathlons; setting up an online bookshop; the Three Peaks Challenge; forgoing their sixteenth birthday presents and asking for sponsorship instead; cake bakes; live music and DJ sets; and even shaving their head.

As well as supporting education in Kenya, the trip aimed to provide CH students with a powerful and life-shaping experience where they both work hard to contribute positively to a community and have the opportunity to experience Kenya’s natural beauty. After returning from the trip, one student commented that “It was an amazing, eye opening and fulfilling experience that has significantly shaped me as a person.”

Well done to our students and staff for making such a positive difference to schools in Kenya!

Christ’s Hospital is currently planning to return to Kenya in 2021.  If you would like to know any more about this trip or if you are able to offer any help in fund raising then please contact Mr Richards on