School Life

Meet the CH School Monitors


Senior Grecian
As Senior Grecian for 2019-2020, I am working generally with the team to revisit, support and ultimately develop the ways in which we lead the school. As Careers Liaison, I have centred my role around facilitating more student feedback for organising events and aim to further promote alumni involvement.


Second Monitor
Alongside being Second Monitor (Head Girl), my aim is to improve and maintain pupil wellbeing at our school as well as assist international pupils and others who are new to the school community, adjust to life at CH.


Sport Liaison, Student Entertainment
My aim for the year is to create a mentally relaxing environment at school, increasing engagement with school entertainment, as well as boosting popularity to play on the sports field.


Development Link, Equality & Diversity


Marketing Liaison, Junior School Liaison
I am focusing this year on assisting the school marketing team reach more people so they also can experience the amazing opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to receive here. I like to make links with the junior pupils of the school, hopefully being someone they can turn to. It makes me proud I can have an influence in the future direction of the school and a chance to give back.


Grecians’ Gift, Tours & Visitors
This year I am raising money for our Grecians’ Gift and trying to make sure that visitors have an impressive experience coming to the school.


Chapel Liaison, School Council
My aim this year is to ensure the smooth running of vital aspects of the School and the community which surrounds us, on a day to day basis.


Grecians' Gift
I’m excited to be in charge of this year’s Grecians gift. I will be fundraising throughout the year for a meaningful gift that represents the class of 2020.


Environmental Liaison, Student Entertainment
I aim to help strengthen the school's connection with the beautiful environment that we have the privilege of seeing everyday, whilst also keeping up the school's spirit every Saturday night through lively entertainment.


Development Link, House Captains Liaison, Pupil Wellbeing Committee Liaison
My aim this year is to develop the communication in the school to allow for a more positive environment for everyone in our CH community.


Equality and diversity liaison, Pupil Wellbeing Liaison and Music and Theatre Liaison
This year I am aiming to improve the awareness and conversation on issues felt by all members of the school community. I also aim to ensure all music and theatre events run smoothly.


Day Pupil Liaison, Food Liaison, Tours & Visits
To sum up my experience of being a Monitor, in the diversity of my roles, I’ve been exposed to areas of the school life and experience I had never given much thought to before, and am really grateful to be able to understand the experiences of other students better.


Music and Theatre Liaison
I help to keep musical and theatrical events running smoothly, participating myself and keeping it accessible to the CH community.


Peer Mentor Liaison
My aim for this year is to increase the utilization of the peer mentors by the students of CH.


Development Link, tours and visits liaison
I work closely with my fellow monitors and the wider student body to make CH into a more friendly, inclusive and prosperous place than we found it.


Development Liaison
My aim this year is to repay CH for all they have done for me by helping to prepare the next generation of the school.


Environmental and SEAL Peer Mentor
My aim is to reduce our environmental impact within the school, along with strengthening the bond between peer mentors and SEAL mentees.


Equality & Diversity Group Liaison, Student Entertainment
Diversity within the school is always growing and as the monitor concerned with this, I intend to promote its awareness and celebration via societies such as the African Caribbean society. As one of the monitors concerned with entertainment within the school, I believe it is important for the student voice to be heard regarding their chosen forms of entertainment and therefore intend to communicate with both students and staff to ensure everyone has some form of fun for them.


Christmas Fair Monitor
My job involves liaising between the House Captains and Senior Leadership Term (SLT), organising the stalls, bringing together the music and having regular meetings with SLT. I have had to work closely with the charity monitor, Daisy, and the Grecians’ gift monitors: Elise and Ella, to make the most out of a fantastic opportunity to raise money for the charities at the heart of CH