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'Awesome' Maths Challenge Outing

Monday 05 March 2018

On 28 February, four junior pupils, Elly, Seb, Oma and Hillary, accompanied by maths teacher, Eleanor Holmes, braved the weather and travelled to Crawley to take part in the Team Maths Challenge. The team did really well and were placed fourth, just missing third place by two points.

One of the pupils commented: “I think the maths challenge was really fun as it was an entire day dedicated to maths (so what's not to like!). It was fun going out of school and being in a room with 60 people who love maths as much as I do. All the teams were well prepared and they looked very determined—I remember that one of the teams went in sport kit for the relay round. The questions required a high level of problem solving and teamwork skill. They were challenging but not impossible – once you had worked out a question, you knew it was worth it.

“I really struggled with the shuttle event as when we got to the second round the questions became extremely difficult. I found the relay very exciting because it was such a lively event. The cross number and the first ten questions were lots of fun because as we made mistakes, we had good laughs as well. I was SO annoyed when I found out that we were only two points off third place, especially as we made a few silly mistakes, but overall it was an awesome day and I would love to go again. Everyone there was really nice, and it was a very welcoming and relaxing environment. I am very proud of us coming fourth.”



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