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Big Bang Fair South East - STEM

Saturday 30 June 2018

Pupils attended the Big Bang Fair at the South of England Showground, Ardingly, which is part of a nationwide programme celebrating and inspiring young people who study STEM.

Pupils engaged in a workshop run by the pharmaceuticals company Pfizer, helping them to understand the process of making medicine in the lab and its journey to the patient. They had a go at measuring, sorting and sifting mock-up pills to simulate the real-life chain of events, even so far as stacking them to fit into a warehouse crate!

They also attended a presentation on the significance of engineering from the cradle to the grave. This highlighted the importance of engineering in medical science, from a simple pregnancy test to child-safety in a car seat, concluding with the pros and cons of cryogenic freezing (after death) using liquid nitrogen.

The rest of the day was spent visiting exhibition stands from a wide range of companies, universities and other projects in the UK all connected with STEM subjects.

Freya Griffiths, 15, said: “I very much enjoyed my time at the Big Bang Fair because it was extremely insightful and I learnt lots of new information about various things involving STEM subjects. I particularly liked the medicine talk as it was informative, and I did not realise previously just how extensive the process is for discovering a drug. The large variety of stalls were interesting to look at, with something for everyone. Overall, it was a great day for all those who are interested in pursuing science in the future.”

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