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Law Debate & Careers Workshop

Wednesday 13 March 2019

On Friday 1 March, former pupil of Christ’s Hospital, Lord Justice Rupert Jackson, and a team of lawyers and barristers, returned to their old school for a law debate and a careers’ panel. 

The debate was led by the School’s Debating Society with the motion 'This House would place cameras in courtrooms to televise criminal trials’. 

The proposition, Andre and Henry, put forward the argument that cameras in UK courtrooms would increase the visibility of justice in this country, and enhance its credibility as a result.  On the opposition, Talia and Gabrielle challenged this with the argument that televising trials would make justice dangerously subservient to media hysteria.  Both sides spoke excellently, using humour and eloquence to clearly articulate their points.

Adeola in Year 13, ably chaired the debate which resulted in a victory for the proposition, Andre and Henry, who were awarded the Law Debate trophy by Lord Justice Rupert Jackson.  Talia and Gabrielle, however, did an excellent job in presenting their argument in front of a large audience and Lord Justice Jackson – this was their first public debate!

Following the debate, students were able to ask questions to a panel of Old Blue legal professionals about a career in the Law.  These ranged from the challenges of entering the profession to the possibilities open to a potential solicitor or barrister.

Many thanks to Lord Justice Rupert Jackson and our Old Blue guests for visiting us and sharing their knowledge with pupils.


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