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Opportunity for CH Medical Society

Thursday 18 January 2018

On 11 January, members of CH’s Medical Society were given the opportunity to watch a cadaver prosection led by staff of Brighton University’s Leaf Hospital, a specialist private physiotherapy and podiatry clinic in Eastbourne.


The Deputy Grecians (Year 12 pupils) were able to watch an experienced podiatrist and physiotherapist talk them through the anatomy of two cadavers. They were able to get hands on if they wished and took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. One of the pupils said: “I was initially quite anxious about seeing the cadaver, however, this was overcome very easily once we underwent the prosection. It was not only fascinating but also respectful of those who donated their bodies to science.”


This is an excellent and unusual opportunity for any students seriously considering pursuing the study of medicine and offers a truly unique experience to add to a personal statement.


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